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·      1998

·                  Approved by Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Commission, “Xinchang Synthetic Chemical Plant” started the joint stock reform, and established Employee Stock Ownership Board, finally issued to set up ”Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd.”

·      1999

·                  Kicked off foundation meeting. In the meeting, "Report of Company Preparation", "Financial Report for setting up the company”, "The report of investment in kind by Employee Stock Ownership Board " and "Articles of association for Zhejiang NHU Co,. Ltd." were discussed and passed. Meanwhile, the first board of directors and the board of supervisors were selected. In May the same year, foundation meeting of NHU was held in Xinchang, Zhejiang province.

·                  Newly built “NHU industrial park” in Tashan, Xinchang.

·      2002

·                  The success to develop “Biotin” enriched the variety of vitamins in NHU.

·                  Two new products-Geranyl and Linalool were approved by “National Torch Program”.

·                  Dulcitol was recognized as national key product by China Economic and Trade Commission.

·      2003

·                  NHU Technology Industrial Park settled in Fine Chemical Industrial Park of Hangzhou Bay.

·      2004

·                  R&D center was recognized as the first state-level enterprise technology center in Shaoxing.

·                  "β-ionone" was approved by National Torch Program.

·                  The GMP approval for APIs and animal drugs made NHU to step into pharmaceutical industry.

·                  Successfully listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange as the first small to medium enterprise.

·      2005

·                  The success to develop Astaxanthin and achieve from synthesis of raw materials to production of formulation made NHU become the first one to produce Astaxanthin in China.

·                  Successfully developed a new route for VE with independent IP.

·                  National key research project called “The technology development of green production for VA in China” got acceptance.

·                  Pyrantel and halofantrine were incorporated respectively into the "National Torch Program" and "National key & new products list".

·      2006

·                  The success of Citral development made NHU become the first one in China and top three in the World to achieve large capacity.

·                  The industrialization project called “The microcapsule technology for Astaxanthin with 500 tons/a" got acceptance.

·                  Two projects-“Artesunate development” and “Bicyclic Cyclohexene with 80 tons/a” got acceptance.

·      2008

·                  Lay the foundation stone for NHU (Shandong) Pharmaceutical Company.

·      2009

·                  Successfully started pilot production in NHU (Shandong) Pharmaceutical Company.

·                  National torch program of Pyrantel” got acceptance.

·      2011

·                  The industrialization project called “A new green process to synthesize fat-soluble vitamins and carotenoids” won the second prize of National Technology Invention Awards.

·                  Lay the foundation stone for headquarter building.

·                  The "Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Program got acceptance.

·      2013

·                  Lay the foundation stone for new polymer project.

·                  Established Zhejiang University–NHU Joint R&D center.

·                  Held the first innovation reward conference.

·                  Successfully started the pilot production for PPS.

·                  Completed the construction of Headquarter buildings (R&D center).

·      2014

·                  Officially signed cooperation framework agreement with SIOC.

·                  Held ground breaking ceremony for the construction of MET project to step in bulk fine chemical industry.

·                  Completed the pilot plant construction for PPA and started to debug in pilot plant.

·      2015

·                  Zhejiang NHU Polymers Co., Ltd., wholly-owned subsidiary of NHU holding group and DSM Engineering Plastics (China) Co., Ltd. wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal DSM Group jointly set up DSM-NHU Engineering Plastics (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. which speeded up the development of polymer business.

·                  Held the first stakeholders conference.

·      2016

·                  Opening ceremony for DSM-NHU Engineering Plastics (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. was held.

·                  Established the cooperation with Zhejiang RunTu Co., Ltd. for PPS project.

·                  The first international patent of PPS was authorized in Japan.

·      2017

·                  Amino acid Company successfully produced qualified DL-DL-methionine.

·                  The project called “Key technological innovation and industrialization for the superfine manufacture of important fat-soluble nutrients” won the second prize of National Technology Invention Awards.

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